PE at Chandlers Ridge

At Vision Academy Learning Trust we aim for our children to recognise the importance of PE and the role it has in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles and the impact this can have on physical and mental well-being. The curriculum has been developed to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum, delivering high quality PE and Sport provision through competitive, fun and engaging PE lessons that are a minimum of 1 hour per week. We are committed to providing an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum that enables all children to progress and achieve their potential in a stimulating, engaging and challenging learning environment, whilst remaining accessible to all. A broad range of skills, knowledge and vocabulary of PE is taught and built upon throughout units across different year groups and key stages. In each school year, children attend festivals and events that link to the PE curriculum to deepen their knowledge and understanding. This provides memorable experiences, gives the children the opportunity to represent the school and where appropriate, compete against other schools.

To supplement our curriculum, we also offer a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities for children to enjoy and further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding throughout the year. We aim for all pupils leaving primary school to be physically literate, with the knowledge and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong love participation in physical activity and sport.

Inter-School Competition/Festivals

At Chandlers Ridge we participate in all sporting competitions available to us, and take as many children as possible to each event. We pride ourselves on giving all children the opportunity to represent the school at a competition or festival each year, where possible. Below is our boys football team who won the prestigious Wilf Mannion cup and our girls football team who topped their league at the event.

Y5/6 Boy and Girls football team winning the Wilf Mannion Cup

Y3/4 children at a Net & Wall festival

Y2 Children at Superhero Academy festival

PE Lessons

Our PE curriculum is broken into four areas – dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. All children from EYFS – Y6 will participate lessons that focus on these areas each year. Our curriculum builds from the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coo-ordination to more complex games that include attacking and defending in Upper Key Stage 2 such as netball and tag-rugby.

Y5 children playing netball

Y3/4 children practising throwing and catching

Y3/4 children vaulting in gymnastics

Y5 children coached by the Cook Islands international rugby team

Y1 children dance routine

Y3/4 playing golf

In House Competitions

As well as our PE provision, intra-school competition is available to all children at Chandlers Ridge through-out the school year. All children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 participate in our athletics sports day, which parents can attend and support. In addition to this, children also get a chance to compete in intra-school competitions once a term during PE lessons, such as bench ball, dodge-ball cross country and basketball.

KS1 Sports day – running

KS1 Sports Day – javelin

KS2 Sports Day – hurdles

Outdoor Adventurous Activities

In KS2 all children at Chandlers Ridge participate in OAA as part of our PE curriculum. In Upper Key Stage 2 these are residentials and field trips, whilst in Y3 & Y4 these are undertaken as fell days within school. Activities range from abseiling, orienteering and rock climbing, to archery, rafting and axe throwing!

Y5 children rafting

Y6 children orienteering

Y3/4 children rock climbing

Extra-Curricular Clubs

All through the year children from KS1 and KS2 have the opportunity to join one of our extra-curricular sports clubs. These include tag-rugby, multi-skills, cricket and football and are offered both after school and at lunch times.

KS2 girls football club

KS2 running club’s ‘Reindeer Run’ for Teesside Hospice

School Games Gold Award