School Admissions

Our School Business Administration Team will be able to help with any initial enquiries about admissions to the School; telephone Miss Lawton on 01642 312741 or As an Academy, we are our own Admissions Authority but we follow the same procedures as Middlesbrough Council.

The details for Middlesbrough Council Admissions Enquiries can be found below:

Telephone: 01642 728094 / 728266 / 728092

Middlesbrough School Admissions

Nursery Admissions

Children are admitted to our Nursery as they turn three. If parent/carer(s) wish them to start at a later date then this can arranged with a more suitable date. Miss Lawton – Office Manager maintains the waiting list for Nursery places and can be contacted at the school. Children who are admitted to our Nursery are normally admitted to the school but the statutory admissions procedure must be applied before a place in Reception Class can be offered.


Visits by Parents

Parents who are considering sending their child to the school are welcome to visit to see it working and to speak to the Mrs Lidgard. Please make an appointment with the school office (01642 312741) if you would like to visit.