History at Chandlers Ridge

Our vision for History is to ensure high-quality first teaching to help children understand the past, in Britain and the wider world, making connections between the past and the world in which they live now. Children develop the process of enquiry, enabling them to research, gather information and examine evidence from different sources. They should question that information for authenticity, perspective and reliability. The variety of skills learned will ensure pupils develop cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills, thus enabling them to become confident and well educated citizens within our society.

Within the EYFS, the History element is covered through Knowledge and Understanding of the world – Past & Present. From Y1 to Y6 the skills are sequential (see Progression of Skills document) and are planned across the Key Stages matching NC requirements. These skills are taught within the different units covered throughout the school. The progression of skills are mapped out to ensure progression from Y1-6, revisiting and building on previous learning. There are opportunities to revisit these skills across units throughout the year.

Small steps are used with regular revisiting of key information. SMART tasks are used to ensure that learning is embedded in the long term memory and builds on previous lessons through revisiting vocabulary/knowledge. Knowledge in SMART tasks relates to any previous learning and might include questions from the previous lesson, previous topic and/or previous year group. Opportunities to make links with previous learning and manipulate/apply understanding in different contexts.