Science at Chandlers Ridge

At Chandlers Ridge, we ignite pupils’ curiosity and encourage them to confidently explore and discover the world around them, so that they develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the role science plays in everyday life. We encourage the children to develop their knowledge and understanding of working scientifically and a range of science topics. We promote the use of scientific vocabulary and allow opportunities for mathematical skills to be applied.

Different topics from the National Curriculum are taught throughout school with children revisiting some topics in different year groups. Children build on previously taught skills and knowledge. Using SMART tasks children have the opportunity to revisit previous topics to ensure knowledge and understanding is embedded in long term memory. Learning also builds on previous lessons and links are made with previous learning and other curriculum areas. Children will have a good grasp of working scientifically, investigative and topic knowledge/skills enabling them to carry this with them into secondary school. Children use Science to discuss wider topics eg animal extinction, loss of habitat and use of scientific evidence.

We are currently working to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark.