Music at Chandlers Ridge

For music our vision is for all children to have an enthusiasm and passion for different aspects of music. For all children to be at age related expectations or above in Music and a love of music to be developed throughout the school. For all children to receive quality music teaching.

Music is introduced in EYFS as background sounds. The children have access to songs they are aware of but using traditional instruments including piano, guitar and traditional orchestras. The children have access to music equipment in both the inside and outside area. Throughout the new EYFS framework, there are learning opportunities for music throughout the different areas including phonics and the nativity.

In Year 1 to Y6 staff follow the whole school programme from Charanga and whole school vocabulary. The children overlearn different vocabulary from previous years. The children are encouraged to use entry and exit tasks to identify gaps and possible misconceptions. This can then highlight those children who may be working towards or working above age related expectations.

The curriculum is ambitious for all and children are encouraged to develop their answers, improve their compositions, attempt more complicated rhythms and perform in front of their peers. The lessons allow that previous knowledge and skills are developed progressively. By repeating and developing previously taught skills, the repetitive approach and clearly set out progression helps to embed knowledge and transfer to the long term memory.