MFL at Chandlers Ridge

It is our intent within the Trust to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), which develops their love of learning surrounding other languages and cultures.

MFL is taught at KS2, we believe that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster the language acquisition becomes.
Lessons are taught in a sequential manner so vocabulary is first, which then builds to sentences and short conversations. Language is reinforced through displays and opportunities to use key language at other curriculum times.

As a result of high-quality teaching, children become aware of relationships between languages and are more open to realise opportunities of working and travelling abroad.
Children will understand that learning a language opens up many doors, such as working and travelling abroad and that they will gain experiences they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience.

At Chandlers Ridge we use Language Angels. Content is age appropriate and engages pupils by being varied. We use songs, games and videos to make learning fun and memorable. Topic related content helps children learn more knowledge about their other subjects in school to strengthen their learning. Children are encouraged to say, repeat, and use language to embed in their memory.