PSHE & RE at Chandlers Ridge

Our vision is for all children to have the relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others. With a strong focus on emotional literacy we aim to build their resilience and nurture children’s physical and mental health.

Throughout school for PSHE and RSE, we use Jigsaw. Jigsaw’s philosophy starts by building positive self-image, a sense of identity and a healthy relationship with self, and from that starting point helps children grow healthy relationship with others. There are two main aims for all children: to build their capacity for learning and to equip them for life.

The skills (knowledge and thought processes) taught are sequential, and planned across the Key Stages, matching National Curriculum requirements. The progression of skills is mapped out in each year group, ensuring that there is a development of skills and these are built on and re-visited. Using SMART questions, children have the opportunity to revisit learning, to ensure it is embedded in long term memory. Learning also builds on previous lessons and links are made with previous learning.

Our curriculum (Jigsaw) has six puzzles-Being in my world, looks at children rights and responsibilities; Celebrating differences, teaches about diversity; Dreams and Goals, helps children to think about their hopes

and dreams and how to overcome challenges; Healthy Me, looks the main areas of physical and emotional health; Relationships, looks at diverse family relationships; Changing me deals with change of many types. All year groups learn about how people and bodies change. This puzzle links with the science curriculum when teaching children about life cycles, babies and puberty.