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Our children are fortunate enough to be growing up in an increasingly technological age, meaning that their learning can be heightened through the use of many different technologies. Also, it enables the children to communicate with their friends and peers using a variety of tools, platforms and media. However, it is vital that children are reminded of the importance of using the internet in a safe and careful manner.
Although, this is not a school matter as the use of the internet and social media occurs outside school hours, the school will intervene in these issues when they impact on behaviour and learning.
Therefore, we would ask for parents and carers to be extra vigilant when your child is using social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

We would also ask parents to be mindful of the age ratings for videogames. Statistics have shown that children as young as 7 across the UK are accessing and playing 18 rated games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Whilst we appreciate how difficult it is not to succumb to peer pressure, we must stress the importance of thoroughly vetting these games yourself first. These 18 rated games are subjecting young children to obscene language, sexual activity and extreme violence at a very impressionable age. Again, the school will intervene in these issues when they impact on behaviour and learning, so please help us prevent these issues occurring by following the PEGI guidance below.

Below are some links to information, guidance and resources which we hope you will find useful. If however, you feel you need further information, support or advice regarding your child’s use of social media sites, then please contact Miss Anderson, our Online Safety Co-ordinator at crlanderson@chandlersridge.org.uk. We are all learning together in this new technological age, and there are tools and support available if needed.