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Who’s who in Friends

Here's who's who on the Friends Committee for this academic year 2016-2017.  You can get in touch with any of us by email at, or message us here.



Key responsibilities:
  • provide leadership
  • set the agenda for meetings
  • get to know members of the committee
  • call the meeting to order when it is time
  • agree a date for the next meeting
  • welcome and involve new members
  • close the meeting
  • ask for apologies for absence
  • follow the agenda and manage the meeting

 Melanie Irvin

Hi, I'm Melanie and I'm the Chair of Friends. My daughter, Millie is in Year 2 but I have a son, Jacob, in Year 9 at Nunthorpe, so I've been involved with Friends for over 10 years. I started by helping out with things like baking, discos and Fayres when my daughter was a baby and I had less time, but in the last several years have become much more involved with planning, regular meetings etc.  I also work part-time at M&S Teesside Park.  Any bit of help is so appreciated! Being in Friends helps you to become much more involved in your children's school life, you meet so many other parents and children from other year groups and we have lots of fun (and sometimes stress!) planning and organising events to raise very much needed funds for our school to help pay for equipment and enrichment for our kids! X


Key responsibilities:

  • maintain the financial records
  • report income & expenditure at meetings
  • write the annual report in cooperation with the Secretary
  • count and bank monies
  • liaise with the bank
  • charity registration and Gift Aid
  • regular and other payments
  • draw up the annual accounts

Katherine Warwick

Hi, I am Katherine, Finley's mum from Year 2.  I have been a member of Friends for several years as my eldest son, nearly 18 years old now, went to Chandlers Ridge.  I started off by just helping at the school discos and began to realise how much work went in to the Friends school activities.  It's all worth it when our children benefit from the money raised.  I am the treasurer as I actually enjoy maths, strange but true!  Anyone who can help out in any way would always be appreciated!


Key responsibilities:

  • deal with correspondence
  • write up the minutes of meetings
  • prepare agendas
  • distribute minutes to all the committee
  • call meetings - giving plenty of notice
  • make meeting & event arrangements
  • keep a record of attendance at meetings
  • take notes during meetings
  • ensure that enough committee members are present to make the meeting quorate
  • write the annual report with the Treasurer & Chair

Leigh Wildridge

Hi, I'm Leigh, mum to Harry in Year 6 and Olivia in Year 2.  I'm currently Secretary of Friends and am responsible for the scheduling and minuting of the meetings.  It's great being a Friend!  I love being involved with the school and it's wider social community.  Friends help to raise lots of valuable funds to help make our kid's precious time at school even better - and of course we have loads of fun along the way!





Key responsibilities:
The Vice Chair takes over this role in the Chair's absence

Helen McGee

I am Helen, wife of Paul, mum of Ewan (year 3) and Ava (Morning Nursery). We live on Eagle Park and walk to school as much as possible. I work part time, weekday evenings at The Treebridge Hotel as a bar person.

I joined friends when Ewan was in nursery. I just wanted to do my bit for the children and  school. I really enjoy helping out and feeling like I am making a difference. For me being a Friend has made me some really great friends and also has a lovely social aspect too.

I am also class rep for morning nursery.

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS  Key responsibilities:
  • preparation and distribution of newsletters and other communications to parents
  • preparation of publicity flyers, posters, tickets, etc. for events






Gemma Gray

I am Mum to Harry in year 1 and Edward in nursery.  I joined Friends just over two years ago and love being a part of the school community, raising money to make a difference to our children’s education. I am one of the communications officers for Friends and you will usually find me writing for the newsletter, posting on Facebook or manning the toy stall at the discos! I also work part-time for the NHS as an Involvement and Engagement Officer which I am passionate about as well as loving going to metafit and bootcamp! If you have thought about helping out please let one of us know, we’d love to have you on board!

Karen Dilworth

Hi, I'm a year 2 parent and have another child who will be starting nursery soon. I joined Friends two years ago because I wanted to help raise money for the school that would benefit the children. As a byproduct I have made some lovely friends across different year groups. You'll see me posting on Facebook, putting posters up and at some events. If you'd like to help out at an event, there's no minimum requirement ... any help would be most welcomed!

Zöe Oliver

Hi! I'm Zöe, Myla's mum.  I originally joined Friends to provide some support at the discos and other events once I realised how much effort each event takes! (We always need more hands on deck so please shout up if you can help out in anyway!!).  I also work three days a week for Johnson Matthey.  Joining Friends has allowed me to get more involved with the school and to see how we can help provide a better experience for our children whilst they are at the school.  We are always open to new ideas!


Key responsibilities include:

  • maintain a class list, email distribution group and text message group with the Secretary
  • forward newsletters and other emails to their class
  • provide feedback and ideas from class to the Friends Committee
  • welcome new parents to the school
  • liaise with class teacher for any specific help required from Friends, e.g. making costumes
  • arrange social events for their class
  • help out at and recruit volunteers for Friends events

Nursery Class Rep

Helen McGee

Please see Vice Chair Information.

Reception Class Rep
Nicola Knight

Hi, I'm Nicci. I have Harry in Y1 Mrs Dixon class and an 18 month old. I'm the class rep for Reception. At the moment I don't have much free time on my hands so just help out as and when I can, which is always appreciated.  I've found everyone in Friends to be really friendly, and nowhere near as intimidating as I thought it was going to be.
I want to help create an amazing school experience for both my boys and didn't realise how much effort went into things behind the scenes. I hope one day my boys will be proud of me for the little bits I've helped with

Y1 Class Rep
Claire Cunningham

My name is Claire Cunningham, I am Thomas and Jacob's mum. I have volunteered to be rep for our year group as I'd like to become more involved with my boys school. I help out with fundraising events to raise vital funds to enhance all of our children's school life. I also enjoy meeting other parents to share ideas and experiences.

Y2 Class Rep
Sue Watson

Hi, my name is Sue and I am mum to Theo in Y2 and Anya who will start nursery in September.  I work part time as a primary school teacher in Ingleby Barwick. I love being part of Friends as it's a small way to 'do my bit' for our children, and also have got to know some brilliant people too! As class rep for Y2 I hope I can represent parents' views and help in any way I can!

Y3 Class Repmanplaceholder
Michelle Wilkinson


Y4 Class RepwomanplaceholderAllison Walker


Y5 Class RepLourina Malan

My name is Lourina Malan. I have been a Friends committee member since 2010 and still love 'doing my bit for our kids'. I am the Year 5 representative and have two children Luan (Y5) and Lana (Y3).

Y6 Class Rep
Leigh Wildridge

Please see the Secretary information.



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