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PE Curriculum Age Related Expectations

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

  • I can copy & repeat basic body patterns & movements
  • I can remember simple dance steps and perform these in a controlled manner
  • I can roll, curl, travel and balance in different, controlled ways
  • I can throw underarm
  • I can kick a ball
  • I can throw and catch with both hands
  • I can hit a ball with a bat
  • I can send a ball in the direction of another person
  • I can talk about the short term effects of exercise
  • I can follow the rules of a game
  • I can pass a ball to someone else
  • I can use hitting, kicking and/or rolling in a game
  • I am beginning to decide about the best position to be in, in a game
  • I can copy, remember, explore and repeat simple actions with varying speed and levels
  • I can work on my own or with a partner, when performing a sequence of actions
  • I am beginning to select simple actions to construct basic sequences that follow ‘rules’
  • I am aware of space, when playing a game
  • I am aware of teammates and the opposition and use tactics in light of this
  • I can throw and catch a ball, whilst moving
  • I listen to rules and use them fairly
  • I can adapt sequences to suit a variety of apparatus
  • I can create and share phrases/actions with a partner or small group
  • I can repeat, remember and perform phrases/actions
  • I can demonstrate a range of throwing actions using a variety of objects
  • I can run at fast, medium and slow speeds; changing speed and direction, when asked
  • I can follow a route safely

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

  • I can catch with one hand
  • I can talk about reasons for warming up / why exercise is good for health
  • I can throw and catch, accurately
  • I can hit a ball with control
  • I am beginning to vary tactics and adapt skills depending on what is happening around me
  • When creating a sequence, I can work in a controlled way by changing speed/direction/shape
  • I can take the lead when working with a partner/small group
  • I can run at a speed appropriate to the distance I am running
  • I can throw a variety of equipment and hit a target
  • I can follow a route, in a time limit
  • I can gain possession during a game
  • I can use a number of techniques to pass, dribble and shoot
  • Independently I can find an appropriate place to field
  • I can combine action, balance and shape in a sequence of actions
  • When dancing, I show fluency, accuracy and consistency
  • I can perform to music
  • I show controlled take-off and landing when jumping
  • I can combine running and jumping
  • I can follow a map in an unknown location
  • I can change my route, using new information, to overcome a problem
  • I can explain to a partner the rules of a game
  • I can control and catch a ball and accurately pass whilst moving
  • I can lead others in a game situation
  • When creating sequences, I can combine my own moves and that of others
  • I can describe how to refine, improve and modify performances
  • I can link sequences to specific timings
  • I can demonstrate accuracy and technique in a range of throwing and jumping activities
  • I can demonstrate stamina


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